Singapore to Johur Bahru (30km, although 5km due to getting lost). Should have been easy!

Our first cycling and what an interesting day it has been! We waived goodbye to our two favourite hotel porters & hit the Burkit Timah Road out of Singapore. Not a hard cycle but essentially the equivalent of a UK motorway with the odd friendly motorists inquiring about our journey!

Minus the intense heat (which we clearly aren’t used to yet) all went well until we approached the Causeway connecting Singapore to Malaysia. We had been told to look out for the motorcyclist lane but ended up in the car lane, with the motorcyclist lane on a flyover above us. (I think we missed the turning earlier.) Undeterred we hit the car lane-oops! Jess nearly got knocked off changing lanes, Jess’s kickstand fell off, Sam’s pedal nearly fell off then refused to go back on. After clambering over a few barriers we did manage to exit Singapore and enter Malaysia into Johur Bahru.

Visions of Johur Bahru as a small easily navigable town turned out to be false. We ended up doing a magical mystery tour of several bypasses & residential roads. At one point trying to hop across a 10 lane motorway, animals of farthing wood style, but decided against it. We did eventually give up trying to find the centre of town, stumbling across a random roadside motel, which we are looking forward to leaving tomorrow!

Learning from today – print maps before you go anywhere!

One thought on “Singapore to Johur Bahru (30km, although 5km due to getting lost). Should have been easy!

  1. Hi Sam and Jess, loving your blog-edy-blog so far. Hope you manage to keep it up as it is very entertaining reading – but possibly not so entertaining for you!!!!
    Glad to see that you have a new addition to the Munky family even after all these years – hope Onslow enjoys the journey as much as you. Can’t wait for more news! Good luck and happy cycling.

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