Singapore – The Land of 1000 (Useless) Shopping Centres

Taxi ride into town from airport very efficient down tree lined streets & we got a good view of city. Arriving at the hotel, we reassembled the bikes with the help of the hotel porter (who appears to know more about our bikes than we do) who declared Jess’s chain would not last very long (updates to be provided).

We have seen lots of very interesting things, the new extremely futuristic Bayside Gardens (although unfinished) were very nice, we ate in communist style easting halls in China Town (where the waiter noticed Sam was struggling with his knife and fork so offered him a pair of chops sticks, which he continued to struggle with even more) and had a great curry in Little India.

On our final night we did the Night Safari, which was very good, although Jess wouldn’t recommend the (“stupid”) animal show, which she left early sighting reasons of animal cruelty.

We do have one burning question about Singapore. Why are there soooo many shopping centres everywhere?! All selling the same things, and none of it what we want??

On the first night we realised we have left the GPS devise & compass at home (silly us). Then in our jet lagged states manage to loose our only guide book within 4 hours of arriving! “No problem!” we thought, “We’re in Singapore so can pick up whatever we want!”. WELL THINK AGAIN!

Yes it’s true there are shops EVERYWHERE but not any useful shops, if you want shopping malls 7 stories high full of western clothing outlets then your in the right place, or entire sections of town dedicated to the selling of iPads and smartphones then look no further! If you want a bike shop your completely stymed, and when you type “Book Shops Singapore” you get one solitary hit, and it is on the other side of town.

But on the whole, a good city!

4 thoughts on “Singapore – The Land of 1000 (Useless) Shopping Centres

    • Barker! I’m glad you asked.

      The short answer is that I bought a new one!

      The long answer, which very few people are going to find in any way interesting, is that I bought a new one that wasn’t as good and so didn’t give you lat and lng at all, and so wrote a script (using GPSbable) to convert the .fit file produced buy the new device into a finishing location! First script of the trip! Pretty exciting stuff!

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