Merry Christmas Everyone! enthusiasts will have no doubt noticed that the delay between events actually happening and then them getting reported on the blog has increased dramatically over the last few weeks. (For example the Jess and Sam of the blog are still days away from the Cambodia boarder, while the Jess and Sam of the real world are now comfortably in Laos…)

However, we are currently putting together a new strategy to rectify the problem, and to wet your apatite for some of the excitement that is to come here are some sneak peaks of our Cambodian exploration.

Merry Christmas!

Sam and Jess

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone!

  1. Hi Kids,

    Yes I had noticed the time lag and was beginning to get rather confused as to where you actually were!
    Well I hope you don’t have a laosy time of it!
    Merry Christmas XXX

  2. Happy Christmas to you both! Great blog, really enjoying reading it. Cheers me up no end after looking out over grey south London from my desk in Palestra!

  3. Cheers everyone! Merry Christmas to you all.

    Where we are it’s 24 degrees C and 94% Buddhist, so it’s not your normal Christmas. We’ve still had a brilliant day though, including a 1000m decent off a plateau with some amazing views. We’re now shacked up in a Bungalow over looking a waterfall… so we can’t complain.

    Have a lovely Christmas everyone and we look forward to speaking to you soon.

    Sam and Jess

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