16th November – Pachuap Khiri Khan to Hua Hin – 117km – Don’t feed the monkeys

As we knew today was going to be a long ride and the monsoon meant we were likely to encounter yet more headwinds, we decided it was the time we made a concerted effort at leaving early. And we more or less managed it. After picking up some waffles and iced coffee at a nearby street stall we were on our bikes at 8am! A new record!

We decided to gain some ground on the Highway first thing which was lovely in the rain, then when we had had enough of this detoured off the main road through a National Park for some more interesting scenery (thankfully it stopped raining!), where we stopped by the sea for lunch!

According to the National Park map there was supposed to be a cave with a Pagoda in it nearby and so before we got back on our bikes for the afternoon we followed the signs and climbed the hill which would take us there. We found another lovely beach but never found the cave and neither did the Dutch people who were also there looking for it!! We did get to see a funny looking monkey though!

We also came across a group of mainly old German’s on an assisted bike tour (or as we call them “cheats”) who had come to the same beach for lunch! As luck would have it were were leaving at the same time and we got to ride with them for a bit before they headed South and us North. Unfortunately our efforts to look like pro bike tourers didn’t go quite to plan, Sam having failed to secure one of his pannier bags properly! We learn for next time.

After another 20km or so out of the National Park we were back on the now very busy Highway and into the depths of Hua Hin, a very large and sprawling coastal town which like Koh Samui seems to attract a certain type of tourist – mainly overweight, sunburnt Europeans! In need of some iced coffee we then managed to find what must be the most expensive coffee shop in Thailand – 250bht for two drinks compared to the usual 40 Bht from a street stall, but rectified this later with a delicious & cheap Noodle dinner from the nearby night market. We again found bar street, and were enticed into a wine bar that if it hadn’t been for the Thai staff would not have looked out of place on the French Riviera.

Jess then couldn’t work out whether the receptionist at the hotel who gave her the wifi password later that evening was Male or female… looked like a woman but definitely had a mans voice! No photos of that I’m afraid.

The astute observer will notice the appearance of our wayward 3rd member in this post! A price to whoever can spot him first!

6 thoughts on “16th November – Pachuap Khiri Khan to Hua Hin – 117km – Don’t feed the monkeys

  1. The munkey troop are all gearing up for Christmas – someone’s been to Poundland and bought them all Father Christmas hats!!

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